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May, 24 2016

Since pre-launching some of our collateral and behind-the-scenes photos, we’ve had a lot of people ask us this question. My standard (marketing-trained) answer of course is “the allette girl is anyone who wants to look good when breastfeeding”. But that’s not usually the answer they’re looking for. They’re asking who is the beautiful woman featured on our website modeling our first collection. So allow us to introduce Natalia Wowczko. Natalia originates from Poland and is a professional model in NYC. She’s also the mother of gorgeous three year-old Jan (look at those pics, could they be more adorable?). In between her busy mommy and work schedule, we sat down with Natalia to get her thoughts on motherhood, breastfeeding, fashion and more. Here is our interview.

allette: Describe your child in a few words:
Natalia: Incredible precious little human.

a: What is your favorite thing about being a mom?
N: Having such an innocent, pure love from somebody.

a: How has motherhood changed you?
N: I grew up in one day :) My priorities changed and my little sunshine became my whole world.

a: What is the toughest part about being a mom?
N: When you’re trying to show your kids "the good world", and they learn about the reality.

a: How did you manage breastfeeding and working?
N: This part for me was a little bit hard. Not everybody in the fashion industry understands that when you reach the "feeding hour”, your breast immediately fill up and you need to take a break to pump. But I survived!

a: What do you wish someone had told you about breastfeeding beforehand?
N: I feel that sometimes women see nursing as a hard, painful job, and they’re worried that afterwards their breast won’t look the same. I think that in Europe women breastfeed in a more enjoyable way; it's an amazing connection between mother and child. A connection that stays forever. I wish I had lived by this more and worried less.

a: Any advice to new moms about balancing work and a young child?
N: Don't stress about little things. It saves a lot of time and avoids wrinkles in the future!

a: Any time-saver tips to get it all done?
N: Learn how to be organized.

a: What are some of you fashion must-haves (i.e. you can't live without them)?
N: White t-shirt and black jeans.  

a: What are some of your favorite fashion brands?
N: I like Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant, the Kooples, Maje and All Saints.

a: What are your top 3 beauty tips?
N: Drink a lot of water, sleep well and use natural cosmetics.

In a few words...
What do you want more of? Time by myself
What do you want less of? Stress
Favorite food? Foie gras on fresh baguette
Favorite time of day? Night
Favorite color? Black
Most attractive thing in a person? Eyes
Least attractive thing in a person? Lies

On a mixed emotions note, we’re so happy for Natalia who has decided to move back to Poland to be closer to her family (funny how kids change your perspective, huh?) but sad to see her go. We’ve loved working with her and couldn’t have imagined a better face to launch our collection. Thanks Natalia, we wish you all the best!

Love, allette 

Tags: allette, breastfeeding, fashion, interview, model, mother, popular, work/life balance


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