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June, 8 2016

It’s been an exciting first week at allette. First week is a little bit misleading, we’ve been working on the launch for nearly a year, but I guess it’s still technically our first week, at least for everyone else. We launched on June 1st. When we set the launch date a few months ago I think we just liked the sound of June 1st. Even though it’s not really the first day of summer, it feels like it is. There’s nothing spring-ish about June. And since we were launching our summer collection, it seemed appropriate. I’m the kind of person that once I get an idea in my head, there’s no going back. It actually was a pretty challenging week to kick off from a personal standpoint. Oksana and I both had a lot of personal things going on (including my older son getting his adenoids removed on that exact day!) but we didn’t want to go back on our decision. I mean, the date was already circled in our calendar. In red permanent marker, not the erasable kind.

So we told the world we were open for business. Well, we told our circle of social media friends and relied on them to help tell the world. Which they did. Thanks, guys. It was a successful first day and first week. We received so much wonderful feedback from people we know and others we don’t, and even managed to make a few sales. Not bad. It feels a little odd now to tell people about allette as a real business and not as our incubated idea. In many ways it’s a little like going from being pregnant to having the baby. You spend so much time preparing for its arrival and then it comes and you realize all the things you forgot to do or prepare for. But like a newborn, those first few moments are really special. You can introduce your “baby” to the wider world. It’s slightly unsettling because it’s been only yours (and your partner’s) for months, and now it’s out there for others to see, judge and (hopefully) gush over. Alright, no one is quite gushing over our brand, perhaps this metaphor has gone far enough, but you get the idea.

Well, in any case, get the (chocolate) cigars out, allette has arrived and we’re very happy. As always, we love hearing from you, so leave a comment below or drop us a note at hello@alletteboutique.com. After all, we’re still figuring it all out.

Love, allette

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