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December, 31 2017

Working in tech is not easy; it's competitive, high pace and full of ups and downs. Being a mom is not easy, it's well...competitive, high pace and full of ups and downs. Being a mom who works in tech? Well, we're just in awe! Meet Jennie, our January Mama Crush. This rockstar British transplants turned Californian manages to stay relevant and in demand in her web development field all while tending to the needs of her family. It ain't easy, but having her priorities in order has helped her make it all work. Read her exclusive interview with alletteDIARY. 

Jennie Moeller

Where do you live?
Berkeley, CA

Where are you from?
Originally Coventry, UK

What is your occupation?
iOS Developer

What challenges (if any) have you encountered from being a woman (and mom) in tech?
Having to prove you can keep up with the boys and that being a mama doesn't mean you compromise on your work load.

How do you deal with this?
I am an open book with my job - my kids come first but while I'm working I'll work hard and get it done

What is your child/children’s name(s) and ages?
Leo 6, Oliver 2

Describe each child in a few words:
Leo loves to build he'll get lost in legos for hours. Oliver loves music in every form, he can't resist a good beat.

On Motherhood

What is your favorite thing about being a mom?
I feel blessed and I feel that way often. I know I'm very very lucky to have two healthy boys and I cherish that.

How has motherhood changed you?
I'm much less selfish. I'd do anything for those kids. I would say I'm more patient but I might actually be less...depends on the day sometimes I just run out of patience!!

On Breastfeeding

Tell us a bit about your early breastfeeding journey?
I was very lucky, I had no issues with either boys in the early days but the first time around I spent obsessive hours writing down the feeding schedule to see how it was impacting Leo's sleep...to then find out it probably didn't have any impact and he was just a snacker - and still is today. With Oliver I chilled out I nursed until I saw an exit (he'd take a bottle from me) and then I took that exit.

What do you wish someone told you about breastfeeding beforehand?
In the early days they will spend a lot of time feeding and to just roll with it. I always questioned how long Leo was taking in the first two weeks thinking surely he'd had enough but in hindsight I remember unlatching him which seems crazy now. And its such a special time.

How did you manage breastfeeding and/or pumping and working?
I didn't work and frankly I praise every women who goes to work and pumps...I think I'd just have stopped nursing at that point. I did pump with Leo alot to get a stock pile and I ended up throwing it away when it had gone off...with Oliver I think I pumped once? I hated pumping.

On Fashion

How important is fashion to you?

How would you describe your style? I love fashion. I would describe myself as a sort of urban bohemian type or that's what I'd like to be. I like to dress down dressy up things...pretty blouses/dresses with casual pants/shoes.

What are some of you fashion must-haves?
I love a great pair of leather sneakers. I also love a warm cosy wool cardigan to layer up. I love Aritzia and all its knits.

On Work/life balance

Any advice to new moms about balancing work and a young child?

I think its been said a lot but you need to take care of yourself. Don't try to be the best at both you'll end up comprising on both if you do.

How about balancing multiple children?
I told myself with number two I'd not break myself over every detail...it was ok to cut corners and not be perfect.

Any time-saver tips to get it all done?
I find cooking the hardest part of the job...I end up making big batches of food and freezing portions so not every night do I have to plan and cook a meal. I like to have the house spotless by the time the kids go to bed so when I come downstairs I can just chill out. I spend the last 30 mins before they go to bed getting them to help clean up the house...the 6 year old is somewhat helpful...2 year old less so but a work in progress.

Fun stuff: one word answers

What do you want more of?
Time to myself!
What do you want less of?  The mundane day to day chores.
Favorite food? Big bowl of spicy ramen noodles
Favorite time of day? Evening
Favorite color? Currently dusty rose
Most attractive thing in a person? Funny
Least attractive thing in a person?  Lazy


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