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October, 19 2016

Our latest FW campaign features two stunning models; Kalyane Tea and Ediely Scapinelo. We were so lucky to work with these two professionals. Every time we shoot a new campaign, we spend a lot of time thinking about who would best represent it. And these two were the perfect combo. In this post, we want to introduce you to Kalyane (watch out for another post on Ediely later on). I met Kalyane at a Brooklyn school interview (because NYC!). Both of our kids were applying (and are now attending). While we waited for them in a small room with stale donuts for nervous parents, I was immediately drawn to her. She is obviously physically striking, but there was something very warm and inviting about her. She was there with her parents who were in town visiting. We got to talking and immediately bonded over having both grown up in Montreal. What a coincidence! We didn’t see each other again for months but when we ran into each other again, I immediately knew I wanted her to be part of the Allette family. Read along to learn more about this lovely person inside and out. And as a side note, when Kalyane came over for her first fitting, she was wearing a necklace from the jeweler Krysos + Chandi which she had bought in a shop in Greenpoint. I had actually just met with the owner, Avneet, who graciously offered to lend us some of her pieces for the shoot - including the exact necklace she was wearing. Kalyane was overjoyed by this saying it was her favorite jeweler. Another coincidence. And Avneet is also Canadian (which I didn’t know when I first met her). This is getting weird. O Canada….enjoy the interview.

Kalyane Tea

Where are you from?
Montreal, Canada

What is your occupation?   
Model, Etsy store, Resaler

What is your child/children’s name(s) and ages?
Aingeru Tea Debouverie, 4 years old.  

Describe each child in a few words:
An old soul, creative, loving, incredibly funny and thoughtful.

What is your favorite thing about being a mom?
Pure moments of love.

How has motherhood changed you?
Different conception of time and what is important.

What is the toughest part about being a mom?
Self care.

How did you manage breastfeeding and working?
No matter how crazy the situation, you just manage and aim for what is best for your child without going too crazy! It's a balance.

What do you wish someone told you about breastfeeding beforehand?
Be prepared but don't get too attached to your ideas of it.

What are some of your fashion must-haves?
A good piece of jewelry to complete your outfit (like Krysos + Chandi!).

What are some of your favorite brands?
Wendy Nichols
Won Hundred
Black Crane
Gary Graham
Lauren Manoogian

What is your beauty philosophy?
It's about presence:
- let go the things/ thoughts that don't serve you makes u lighter
- just be free and open
- be grounded in your true self

What are your top 3 beauty tips?
- nutrition
- exercise
- know yourself

What must you have at all times?
Lip balm

Any advice to new moms about balancing work and a young child?
Think smart in all aspect of your life!

Any time-saver tips to get it all done?
Be resourceful, have a calendar to be prepared and don't be afraid to ask for help.

What is your favorite thing about living in NYC with a child?
Rediscovering your city.

Fun stuff: one word answers
What do you want more of? Nature
What do you want less of? Waste
Favorite food? Macrobiotic/ Ayurvedic
Favorite time of day? Mornings
Favorite color? Deep burgundy
Most attractive thing in a person? Intentions
Least attractive thing in a person? Lack of passion

Love, Allette

Tags: beauty, campaign, fashion, interview, model, motherhood, popular


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