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May, 11 2018

Mother's Day is nearly upon us and Mamas everywhere are wondering...will they remember?! 

As they say, it's the thought that counts so hopefully they do think about it, one way or another. And in case they don't we are here to tell you that WE are thinking of you Mama! And so are countless others. As a matter of fact, it's been busy busy over here with several Mother's Day events around NYC. 

Earlier this month, we got to join a bunch of other mama entrepreneurs for a very cool SwearBy Mother's Day Gift Under $40 Party. What's a SwearBy? It's a fantastic new app that let's you peruse what regular people (and a whole lot of celebs) name as the products they simply can not live without - their SwearBys. (p.s. If you watch the party video on that link you may or may not see our Co-founder Celine's SwearBy and it has NOTHING to do with fashion). 

Here she is...our Co-founder revealing her SwearBy on camera. Watch the video to see what it could possibly be...also, she's wearing our Anna Peplum Nursing Top in Birds Print). Video curtesy of SwearBy. 

Next, came an awesome event hosted by The Moms at beautiful Brookfield Place celebrating moms, female entrepreneurs and Mayim Bialik's new book! It was so nice to meet other moms and especially nice to chat with Mayim (Blossom!). She was so sweet and insightful. You guys, she's a neuroscientist. wtf. She's written a new book called Boying Up and it's all about what happens to males when they go from being boys to becoming men. As the mom of two boys, I had many questions...and I'm only on chapter two! This book is a follow-up to her New York Times bestseller Girling Up about, well, you get it. 

Mayim Bialik and Celine Cohen of Allette 
Mayim Bialik and Allette Co-founder Celine Cohen. If you're not reading Mayim's blog, Kveller, you should be. Btw, that cute top on Celine is this season's Audrey Flutter Sleeve Nursing Top in Ivory

Next stop we headed to the joint WellRounded and WeWork event which was all about pampering could we resist? From complimentary manis, a brow bar, macarons, massages and champagne, the team at WellRounded once again prove that they really do understand what a Mama needs.

Last but not least, we've also been doing our own thing at Allette HQ. This month we wrapped up our collaboration giveaway with a bunch of awesome female-lead businesses like Uqora, Unbound, Flex, 41 Winks and Elvie. One winner took home over $1000 in prizes. Happy day for her! We've also been running our Mother's Day "A Gift for Every Mama' referral program...if you're not getting in on this, you should be. $25 credit for each new referral. Score. And of course, gearing up for our own Mother's Day day with our families...that is, if they remember :)

From all of us at Allette, Happiest of Happy Mother's Day, Mamas! 

This very lo fi video is curtesy of my long monkey arms and bad lighting. Happy Day Mamas! 


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