Nordstrom + Allette = A Mama's Dream
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Nordstrom + Allette = A Mama's Dream

Nordstrom + Allette = A Mama's Dream

November, 6 2017



BROOKLYN, NOV.3rd, 2017. It's official. NYC-made chic nursing clothes, Allette, and everyone's favorite retailer, Nordstrom, have partnered together to bring breastfeeding mothers an easier and more stylish way to shop. As of today, Allette's line of discreet and stylish breastfeeding dresses and tops can now be purchased on Nordstrom's website under the Maternity section.

For one-year-old Allette, this is a huge opportunity but it's also a first for Nordstrom. Allette will be the first and only line of clothing targeted exclusively at the nursing mother.

"Our clothes are designed entirely with the nursing mom in mind." says Celine Cohen, Allette Co-Founder, "they are flattering on a postpartum body, have discreet and easy nursing access, but most importantly, look like regular cool clothes moms can get excited about wearing. When nursing and beyond."

The partnership, while unique in its offering, is not surprising. Nordstrom has always been on the cutting edge of, not only fashion, but society. By taking on Allette, a breastfeeding-specific, USA-made line of clothing, they continue to innovate by recognizing  the importance of supporting mother's on their nursing journeys.

"We're proud to be working with Nordstrom and further supporting this universal movement to make breastfeeding and pumping more accessible and enjoyable for women." says Oksana Pavlowsky, Allette Co-Founder.

Sine launching in June 2016, Allette has been featured in the likes of Fast Company and Cup of Jo and praised for making nursing clothes that look nothing like nursing clothes as well as supporting moms with local events, fittings and charitable donations.

"It's a perfect fit. As a brand, pride ourselves on excellent customer service and attention to detail. So Nordstrom's reputable and unbeatable platform is an obvious fit for us." Says Cohen. "Our goal is to make life simpler for our moms, and Nordstrom helps us do this to a wider audience."

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About Allette:
Allette is a line of NYC-made, effortlessly chic, nursing clothes. Founded by two Brooklyn moms in 2016, the idea of creating stylish clothes for breastfeeding mamas, whilst simple enough, has been revolutionary in the nursing clothing category. Co-Founders, Celine Cohen and Oksana Pavlowsky are out to prove that even when having just had a baby and nursing, women do not have to compromise on their sense of style. Original yet timeless styles that just so happen to have convenient and discreet nursing access best describe this Collection made to breastfeed in, but designed to love. 

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