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May, 28 2016

Hello. We’re very happy to welcome you to our little corner of the Internets. Since this is our first blog post, we thought it fitting to tell you a little about ourselves. allette is two people: Celine and Oksana. I’m Celine. Oksana is the other one. But come to think of it, it’s way more than two people; so many of our friends and families have pitched in to get us up and going. And I guess this is as good a time as any to say THANKS for everyone’s support.

So, about us. We’re both moms to two kids. I have two boys (5 & 3) and Oksana has a boy and a girl (5 & 3). They all get along splendidly (usually). Our backgrounds are very diverse. I was born in France to French and Moroccan parents but grew up in Canada, and Oksana is Russian-born and immigrated to the US in her late teens. Today we both call Brooklyn home but we like to think our brand represents a little piece of everywhere we’ve lived and every culture we’ve been proud to call ours. Our professional experiences also vary; Oksana came to this country to pursue a modeling career only to find herself going back to school to study economics and becoming a strategy consultant (something about her cheekbones being too high?). I spent my entire career in advertising agencies in New York and London. So admittedly, fashion was not always on our resumes, but it’s always been our passion. And then one day, the best thing happened; I got laid off. Over dinner in Williamsburg one evening with our very supportive husbands, allette was born. Well, not the actual name...that decision was harder than naming our children. But it was the start of our idea. That idea was really simple; we wanted to make clothes we wish someone had made when we were still breastfeeding. Clothes that look like clothes we’d buy - not because we have to out of necessity, but because we want to actually wear them. And we do wear them, despite no longer breastfeeding (not gonna lie, it's really fun to wear clothes you've designed!). And if you’re curious about the name, it is a take on “allaiter”, the French verb for breastfeeding which is phonetically pronounced like our name. It was either that or Sacred Cow. No joke.

We have so many ideas on what we’d like to accomplish with allette. Of course our main objective is to keep making pretty clothes nursing moms can feel great in, but as a company, we aim to be part of a bigger movement; one that supports women (moms or not), creates ethical products, and puts people above profits. When we first started talking about our business model, these were the three things we agreed we would never compromise on. Every article we make is designed, developed and produced in small batches right here in Brooklyn under our watchful eyes.

We know what it’s like to be a new mom and hope you’ll let us be a part of your amazing (and, ahem, challenging) journey. We’ll be introducing new tops and dresses every few months and we always appreciate your feedback, questions or suggestions. 

Thanks for reading this first post. If you liked it, come back soon for another one. If you didn’t, come back to see if the next one still sucks.

Love, allette 

Here are those kiddos we mentioned... 


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