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Brooklyn, NY (March 20th, 2018) - Mamas everywhere are feeling the Spring Fling today, with the launch of Allete’s new dreamy Spring/Summer Collection. Allette, which launched in 2016, is a line of beautiful and empowering dresses and tops for new mothers. Effortlessly chic designs made to suit a woman’s new postpartum body and offer discreet nursing/pumping access if she needs it. It’s become a staple on every new mom’s wish list.

Allette SS18 Launch

Designed and produced in NYC, each style is meticulously crafted to consider every aspect of a new mom’s body...and life. “Every single item in this new Collection was carefully thought through. From the discreet double-layered nursing access, the draping of the fabric on a postpartum body and of course, the everyday realities of a new mom (pockets, anyone?!)”, exclaims Celine Cohen, Co-Founder and CEO.

The result is a versatile Collection of carefully curated colors, fabrics and styles that can each be worn casually, for work, or for play. “We really explored fabrics this time around. We looked for fabrics that are flowy, feminine but also gives a little wink of badass,” says Oksana Pavlowsly, Co-Founder and COO, “our moms can feel confident knowing they can rock these styles to any occasion, look hot and breastfeed comfortably.”

With customers ranging from Instagram fashionistas, celebs and cool moms everywhere,  this line is for mothers who “get it” and want the best. “It’s funny but I would estimate that 75% of our customers are second time moms. It’s like they just “know” the second time around. No sense in spending money on clothes they don’t love or trying to make regular clothes work. A couple of Allette pieces and they know they’re set - totally worth the investment and makes their lives SO much easier (and prettier!)”, claims Celine Cohen.

The brand, which has been featured in Fast Company and British Vogue, now sells through their e-commerce site and Nordstrom. The demand has been overwhelming! We could hardly keep up with inventory this past Collection! We’ve double production this time around. We can’t wait to see more Mamas looking and feeling wonderful during this precious (but somewhat challenging!) time in their lives”, cheers Oksana Pavlowsky.

Tops in the Collection range from $98-128 and dresses are $158-228. All are machine washable and made in small batches in NYC. Gift cards also available. Spring/Summer Collection now available for pre-order.

Feel like yourselves again, Mamas!

Allette SS18 Launch

For more information contact:
Celine Cohen, Allette Co-Founder  
Email: [email protected]

Allette is a line of cool and chic dresses and tops for postpartum, fashion-savvy, moms. Each style includes discreet nursing access and is designed to flatter a new mother’s new body. Founded in 2016 by two Brooklyn moms, Celine Cohen and Oksana Pavlowsky, every NYC-made piece is made to be completely versatile; for home, work or play and look awesome. Sold worldwide on and Nordstrom (US only). The line was featured in Fast Company as the nursing brand to “get pumped about!”. The brand is out to make every mom look like her old self again, one dress at a time.

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