January, 17 2017

When the days are short, the streets are covered in slush and sunlight is scarce, I find this is the best time to imagine the better days of sunshine and warmth known as Spring and Summer. My mind wanders to what I am going to wear on those gorgeous days. With the major fashion weeks well behind us, including New York and Paris, we now have plenty to ponder over.

Let’s start  with colors. The Spring and Summer trends are especially exciting in 2017. The Top 10 Colors of the season bring so much vitality, color and relaxation into our wardrobes and our lives. From the vibrant yellows and fiery reds, to the earthy hues of blues and pinks that channel the great outdoors, you are sure to find your new favorite shade (or two). Here at Allette, we have fallen  in love with the romantic pinks and marine blues. We say “pink is the new white” of the season and we have a few new styles in store to prove it!

Colors of Spring Summer

Marines for SS17

Now let's talk shirting. Whether it's stripes, gingham, crisp white or eyelet, the fashion set claim  it's in style this season, but we say, it's always a timeless classic and a wardrobe staple. So here we go, this season you can have it any way you'd like and you won't go wrong. Our personal favorites are the vertical stripes and the eyelets - a touch of feminine and a hint of masculine. So stay tuned for a new “nursing staple” this Spring from Allette -- a modern shirt-dress for the cool mama (spoiler alert: hassle free nursing access sans button or zippers).

From left to right: Monse, Oscar de la Renta, Alexander Wang, Tome, Claudia Li

Onto pleats and ruffles. We are so excited to see the abundance of pleats and ruffles in the Spring and Summer silhouettes. Even among the more urban and minimalistic designers like Alexander Wang, have embraced some ruffles.The added femininity of ruffles always brings out the sexy. But you don’t have to get all ruffled up if it’s not really your thing, or if you’re not sure how many pleats are too many,  a small detail on a classic look can go a long way and make you oh so stylish this season. Can’t wait to share our personal take on this hot trend. Stay tuned!

Ruffles for SS17
From left to right: J. Crew, 3.1 Phillip LIm, Tome, Zimmerman, Brock Collection. Photos: Imaxtree

And speaking of details. We are obsessed with details here at Allette. We strongly believe a smart detail sets a blah-blouse apart from a cool-top. And this season it’s all about the sleeves. And if you can’t wear those cut-out and one-shoulder sleeves because they will show the nursing bra straps, how about making a statement with more rather than less? More sleeves anyone?

Sleeves for SS17

We can’t wait to share some sneak peeks from our Spring-Summer collection with you, so please check back soon. Until then, we hope we’ve helped you start dreaming about your Spring nursing wardrobe and the joy that sunny Spring days will bring. In the meantime, tell us what new trends you’re looking forward to (or not looking forward to)?




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