What inspired our SS18 Collection? Come on a trip with us. – Allette
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March, 13 2018

Spring is just around the corner and it feels like the right time to take you behind the scenes of the making of our Spring Summer 2018 collection. It’s been an amazing journey to create the perfect summer staple pieces for your postpartum and nursing (and otherwise!) wardrobe. We wanted this collection to be light in mood and fabric, flirty in silhouettes and colors, and sophisticated in looks and finishes.

To bring all these ideas to life, we drew our inspirations from traveling to the Southwest region of France, Aquitaine, where the beautiful wine country hills of Bordeaux roll into the sandy coastline of the Atlantic.

Light in mood and fabric…

Whether you spend your summers on the beach or in the city, the mood will change from the winter gloom to the spring and summer glow. We want to celebrate this transformation with a collection that will match your new you.

We picked the fabrics that embrace the textures of summer and also let your body breathe in the summer breeze. But there is more to it than just being light and breezy  - we wanted the fabrics to reflect the textures of the Southwest region of France. The light stone surfaces of ancient villas, the waves of the sand dunes and the swell of the sea in the Arcachon Bay - are embodied in the light crepe of Audrey top and the pebbly finish of the Donna and Naomi dresses.

Flirty in silhouettes and colors…

We always design our pieces with a postpartum woman in mind, so the silhouettes are flattering and draw attention where it needs to. This season we had fun with feminine ruffled sleeves and skirts that remind us of the curved coastline and the ripples of the sand dunes of Grande Dune du Pilat.

The colors marry the French countryside with a beach feel. The light stoned chateaux are swept in bright summer blooms, the farmers markets are full of seasonal fruits and berries and by the sea, there is a seemingly endless strip of golden sand where the blue water blends into the sky. Marine stripes, red blossoms, delicate prints that remind of the whimsical decor in the ancient chateaux, lots of blue skies and golden sands. But wait, when the skies turn blush pink in the evening and all the colors blend in the dark, it’s time to put on that LBD (hint: the Naomi Dress in Black) perfect for a summer dinner, complete with French wine.

Sophisticated in looks and finishes…

We want our Allette woman to look her best, whether she is on a family vacation in the Southwest of France, going to the office (with her pump in her purse) or running errands with baby in the city. When Mama looks good, she feels good, and she is ready to take on the world.

We didn’t want to spare on the finishes either. We use only high quality, ethically sourced fabrics from all over the world. We always work closely with our production team here in NYC to make sure that the quality matches the look we want and that the finishes speak for themselves. Every Allette piece is a reflection of our passion for producing beautiful and high quality clothes for the modern Mama!

The new Allette SS18 Collection will be available for pre-order on Tuesday, March 20th, 2018 (aka the first day of Spring). 


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