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March, 22 2017

You guys, we were in Fast Company and it was good. Our Spring launch was picked up with much enthusiasm. Read on. 

03.20.17 | 3:18 PM

Finally! Clothes for nursing that you can actually get pumped about

As a new mom, something as simple as getting dressed in the morning can be a massive chore. If you're nursing your baby, you need to find clothes that will allow your baby to have easy access. Existing products on the market tend to be rudimentary: nightgowns with a stretchy neckline or tank-tops with easy-release straps. If you need to pump at work, the story is much bleaker. Many women wear their regular workwear, then get totally undressed every time they pump. 

In this morass of options, in comes Allette, a Brooklyn-based fashion startup that launched last year with the goal of making cute outfits for breastfeeding moms. The key to the clothes is that they're fun and versatile, such as camo-print sweaters, little black dresses, and summery gingham tops. But they're all designed with little touches, like side-slits and inner layers, that make it easy to either nurse or pump without needing to get entire undressed. Allette's spring line launches today. 


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