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November, 23 2016

It's that time of the year. You either love it or hate it, but it's upon us. I, personally, have always loved the festive season. I honestly can't explain why. Maybe it's knowing I'll see my family, maybe it's the parties, maybe it's seeing everyone just a little bit happier, maybe it's the presents, or maybe it's just the fact that you have a kind of cheesy/mushy carte blanche for a few weeks which I fully embrace, ugly sweater and all. 

In any case, this year has a particularly special meaning for us at Allette. For a few years now, both Oksana and I (Celine) have had a lot to be grateful for personally and separately (we each have two kids) but this year marks our first Allette Thanksgiving (as Allette anyway). We feel really lucky to be able to do this work. Owning and operating our own business has brought us so much - challenges, for sure - but mostly a lot of growth and learning opportunities. We've been able to see something from infancy to toddlerhood (of course we needed a chid pun!). We're able to manage our schedules to spend more time with our family and kids (because the kids!). We've met so many amazing entrepreneurs in Brooklyn and beyond and have learned so much from them. But most importantly, we've heard from our customers about how great they feel when they were Allette and how much easier it makes nursing. Ahh, pure joy to our ears. This is why we started Allette in the first place. So, yes, this Thanksgiving, since we've already established we're allowed to be mushy, we feel tres thankful. And we say thank you. To everyone who has helped us along the way, believed in us, shared their stories with us, and put their trust in us by wearing our clothes during one of the most important times in their lives. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Oscar speech out. 

Love, Allette 

Tags: business, entrepreneurs, founders, popular, thanksgiving


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