August, 5 2016

What an interesting time to be breastfeeding mom. Wherever you find yourself living, you can't deny it's been a hot topic. Particularly when it comes to the debate over breastfeeding in public. In some cultures it's taboo (hi, America) while in others it's so normal that the actual debate is abnormal. 

But let's put all this aside for just one week and just celebrate. It's World Breastfeeding Week. Nowadays there's a dedicated holiday for everything from National Donut Day to International Clown Week (creepy), so why is this any different? Or any more important? Well, it is. 

This week is about raising awareness of everything breastfeeding. From the health benefits to sustainable growth, breastfeeding is not just trendy, it's vital. 

But let us be clear on one thing; highlighting the benefits of breastfeeding is not about shaming or belittling women who choose not to breastfeed (or indeed are unable to). But it is (or in our book, should be) about making the breastfeeding shamers recognize that this isn't a joke, women who choose to breastfeed, need to breastfeed, sometimes in unfortunate places, places they too wish they didn't have to breastfeed. And rather than make them feel worst, we should support them. How is it that we humans have evolved to become like this? So worried about appearances and shocked by the most natural of things? Well, we say, being shocked and in some cases, hateful, towards a woman feeding her child is what's shocking. 

Now that that's out of the way, let's enjoy some of this week's better moments. Like the launch of the funniest (and most frighteningly accurate) app EmojiMoms. Or a recap of this year's most stunning and humorous brelfies. And of course, World Breastfeeding Week would not be complete without new photos of Alyssa Milano breastfeeding. 

It's a strange yet wonderful to be a part of this movement. And while we at allette or no longer breastfeeding moms, we are proud ex-breastfeeding-moms-turrned-breastfeeding-clothing-makers. 

Love, allette 

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