June, 21 2016

In an election year, you expect things to get pretty, well, political. There seems to be a rule that when this happens, all other causes become exponentially political as well. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You need to stir things up to see any kind of result or progress. Since we’re a brand about breastfeeding clothes you may know where this is headed. One word:
Target. Stuff is happening in the breastfeeding world. It seems whenever we tell people we’ve just met that we’ve just launched a line of clothing for breastfeeding moms, the standard answer is “Oh yeah, that’s a big thing now, huh? Breastfeeding in public.” I mean, to be fair, this isn’t really a “new” thing. Women have been nursing their babies since the beginning of time, albeit not in a discount store with a terrible French accent inherently associated to it, but you know, basically everywhere else. The follow up question to this non-question question is usually, “What do you think about public breastfeeding?”. And this is what this post is about.

I think people expect that we’ll have a very strong point of view on the subject and defend it with all of our might. But the truth is, we don’t. Our point of view is that everyone is different and we respect their individual choices. From my own personal experience, I did nurse in public. But to be honest, I only did it either covered up or with nursing-specific (and therefore discreet) clothing (which wasn’t nearly as cute as allette, obvs). That’s how I felt comfortable. I had friends that uncovered completely and some that only used bottles when they were in public. It’s a personal choice. Whatevs. Do what you gotta do. I heard this great story when my son was born about a girl on the Tube (he was born in London, I’m not just pulling a Madonna on you here), who was nursing her son when an older gentleman told her there was a “time and place for everything”. The girl quickly responded “Yes, that’s true. My baby is hungry and I’m on the Tube. So the time is now, and the place is here.” Respect. Gotta hand it to her, she was able to pull out the right line at the right time. I really believe being able to retort quickly and cleverly is a superpower.

Anyway, do what you want, we say. We developed this line to help support women who choose to breastfeed and want to look good while doing it and not have to fully uncover. We’ve used the hashtag #normalizebreastfeeding and totally respect this and other movements, but really, we just want to make pretty clothes. We love it when Chrissy Teigen posts about her boobs because, well, it’s entertaining and funny. And if it helps other women feel more secure about their choices, we say, awesome! When I had my first child, the line from the Coldplay song The Scientist, “nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it would be this hard” kept running through my mind. I’m sure that this line was written about having a baby. What else? (Also please don’t judge me on the Coldplay thing, we’ll discuss music in a different post, but the line just stuck).

So, I don’t know, perhaps it’s because I just watched the Janis Joplin documentary on Netflix and feeling all peace and love, but, can’t we all just get along? Cover up, don’t cover up, partially cover up, bottled feed, whatever makes you and your baby happy. No one should be berated for their choices. Especially whilst breastfeeding around the smell of day old hot dogs. I ask you, hasn’t this lady suffered enough?

About the picture...this is my younger son’s toy truck. He calls it “peace and love” so thought it appropriate.

Love, allette

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Masha Vesset

Yes! I couldn’t agree more! There are so many actual issues to take a stand on and fight for, nursing shouldn’t be one of them! Do what makes you and your child happy!
Thank you for a great post. By the way, I have always dreamt of the quick retort siperpower…


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