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About Us

Hello! This is Celine and Oksana, founders of Allette. We’re two European-born Brooklynites who have two main things in common: we love clothes and well, we have kids. One day Oksana picked Celine up on the playground (so the story goes) and we got to talking. After lots of dinner parties and playdates, we decided to stop talking and start doing.

So Allette has been a long time coming for us. She’s like our fifth baby (we each have two, do the math). In case you were wondering, the name is a play on the French word for breastfeeding “allaiter”. Neither one of us is still nursing our babies (sniff!) but we still love to wear our Collections. Our approach from the very beginning has been to design and make clothes we actually want to wear - and then figure out how to stylishly and conveniently include nursing access. The result is cute tops and dresses that are comfortable, pretty and flattering on a real (“just had a baby”) woman’s body. Every item is made locally in Brooklyn or Manhattan in small quantities with high quality easy-to-care-for fabrics and can be easily dressed up or down so they’re versatile too. Wherever you are, whatever the occasion, we hope you love wearing them as much as we do.

Tell us about your experience with clothes, babies, or whatever you fancy. Get in touch at hello@alletteboutique.com. Or follow us on Facebook and Instagram


About Us
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