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About You


We understand.

Let’s face it, this is a magical, but ahem, challenging, time in a woman’s life. In every woman’s nursing journey there comes a time when she wants to burn her maternity clothes and buy new cute clothes to start feeling human again. Sound familiar? 

The struggle is real and shopping isn’t as straightforward (or even as fun!) as before. Maybe you’re not quite your old self yet and of course you have to think about easy and discreet nursing access. This is where Allette comes in. It’s clothes for nursing moms who love clothes. Flattering, stylish, easy to care for (because, yeah) and practical (admittedly not a word you would typically associate with fashion, but these are not typical times!). Wear them now, wear them when you’re done nursing. We do. 

We love to hear from our mamas about their journeys, their challenges, their joys or just good old banter, please do get in touch at hello@alletteboutique.com. Or follow us on Facebook and Instagram


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