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A Gift for Every Mama ūüíĚ

A Gift For Every Mama Promotion


Happy Mother's Day!

Every time you refer a friend and she buy something, you get a $25 credit, on us.

You can use them on individual purchases by using your bespoke code at checkout OR rack them up and email us at [email protected] to get a new bespoke code¬†worth¬†all of your accumulated discounts. A little context, Mama. If you refer four friends who each buy something, you¬†could have a $100 credit. That's enough to get a FREE Ellen Detailed Nursing Tee. Yes, that one. Our most popular tee EVER. And your friends will think you're awesome because¬†they got $25 off chic nursing clothes. Win win, beautiful Mama!¬†

Mommy groups, moms at your daycare, childhood friends, that cousin in Utah, they can all get you closer to looking like you own the postpartum/breastfeeding fashion game. 

Time is of the essence. All referrals must be sent by May 13th, 2018. All¬†orders by friends placed by¬†June 15th, 2018. Email us ([email protected]) once you have all of your codes collected and we'll give you a new code worth the entire amount that does not expire. Woo-hoo!

Happy Gifting!

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